About Time Lifestyle Management was created to meet the everyday needs of time-starved people. So many of us are trying to do too much by wanting to pursue a career, often with long working hours, together with running a home and a family.

I have a corporate, working background in Banking, Foreign Exchange and Event Management for leading companies in U.K. Australia and New Zealand. I spent two years travelling the world and returned to run my own hospitality business in the U.K. which was sold to enable my family to return to New Zealand.  For over 6 years I held a demanding managerial position within the event management sector in Wellington and have had the privilege of working along side many a celebrity, sports persons and well known face.

I come from a service orientated background and I enjoy putting my organisational skills to good use, enjoying the unpredictability of not knowing what is coming next, being adaptable and flexible to meet the next challenge with a smile. I am an excellent communicator and good at multi-tasking, a resourceful and practical individual with a keen eye for detail and very motivated by client satisfaction.

At ATLM I have the opportunity to exercise many of the skills I have learnt over the years, such as: planning and coordinating; project management; communication and logistics, as well as the practical demands of day to day life.

This service is continually evolving through the demands of our clients, the concept works, try us, we will make a difference to your stress level.

Our business is built on trust, confidentiality and a professional working relationship with our clients.